Clean Energy Expertise

Energetics helps public and private entities integrate clean energy technologies and strategies into real-world applications. We work with lead investors, innovators, and stakeholders to inform and expedite the development and market success of novel energy technologies, strategies, and practices that deliver a sustainable future.

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A Changing World

Our planet faces escalating energy and climate challenges that require flexible, proactive, integrated solutions. We are agile, clean energy consultants who work with leading change agents to help plan, develop, and deliver energy resilience, equity, and sustainability across sectors—including transportation, manufacturing, buildings, and energy.


We work with forward-thinking clients to plan, demonstrate, and deliver advanced vehicles and a robust infrastructure to provide reliable, affordable, zero-emission mobility.

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We support leading-edge research portfolios, analyses, and strategies to fast-track the uptake of industrial technologies and energy management systems for a secure, carbon-neutral economy.

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We communicate and strategically deliver useful knowledge on novel building technologies to accelerate market transformation, optimize energy performance, and meet equity and climate goals.

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Energy and Resilience Planning

Our specialists help clients develop connected technologies, renewable resources, plans, and programs to cost-effectively increase energy and infrastructure reliability, mitigate life-cycle climate impacts, and build resilience.

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ENERGY is our focus

Energy is our passion. From electrification of vehicles to energy efficiency and renewables, we are immersed in the latest energy trends, analytics, and technologies. Our work helps to support a reliable, diverse and green energy infrastructure and climate resilience.

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We are Researchers, Thought Leaders, Un-biased Experts, Futurists. We are ENERGY.