Service Area: Energy and Resilience Planning

Energetics helps develop roadmaps and strategic frameworks to guide research teams, sectors, and communities in achieving technology innovation, reliable infrastructures, and energy security.

We use our expertise to build the business case for investing early in technology innovation, renewable energy options, and resiliency measures for our critical infrastructures, industries, and communities of all sizes. Our team will help create frameworks and address technology pathways for a resilient future.

Key Services

Conduct vulnerability and resilience assessments.

We develop strategic frameworks and recommend priority actions to increase the resilience of specific industrial sectors to growing climate impacts.

Build resilience in critical infrastructure.

We help coordinate and inform national, state, and local programs and policies on critical infrastructure security and resilience using our technical and analytic expertise in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, program management, and communications.

Promote novel and exploratory energy technology concepts.

We support intra- and inter-agency partnerships to explore and stimulate interest in early-stage concepts for technologies with the potential to transform energy generation and use. Topics include integrated resources for artificial intelligence (AI); quantum information systems; device interoperability at the grid edge; fuel-flexible mobile micro grids; and more.

Our Previous Projects and Work

Lake Tahoe Basin Climate Resilience Analysis and Strategies

Our team used geospatial mapping to assess vulnerabilities to wildfire, flooding, landslide, avalanche, heat wave, and changing precipitation patterns and helped develop an inter-agency climate resilience strategy for the Basin’s multimodal transportation network, water, and energy infrastructure, and communications network...

Research Roadmap for Cost and Technology Breakthroughs for Renewable Energy Generation

We conducted a comprehensive roadmapping process and recommended 17 initiatives to guide the CEC’s RDD&D activities in solar photovoltaics, concentrated solar power, land-based wind, offshore wind, bioenergy, geothermal power, small hydropower, grid integration technologies, and energy storage systems...

Planning for Climate Resilience across NYSERDA’s Programs

To ensure the effectiveness of NYSERDA programs, operations, and investments under future climatic conditions, we identified an appropriate set of climate adaptation measures to enhance resilience...

Chemical Sector Landscape

Our specialists developed a sector-specific characterization of relevant factors and decision-making drivers influencing the current operating environment and the security and resilience posture of the U.S. chemical sector...

Santa Barbara County Climate Adaptation Transportation Analysis and Strategy

We developed a complete climate resilience assessment for the Santa Barbara County multi-modal transportation network, including a risk-based evaluation of climate threats, a detailed inventory of 90+ adaptation actions...


Walt Zalis, PMP, CC-P
Director, Climate and Resilience Group
Sustainable Transportation and Resilience Division
Phone: +1 410.953.6256