Service Area: Buildings

Energetics Building Technology Experts provide clear strategies and proven results

We communicate and strategically deliver useful knowledge on novel building technologies to accelerate market transformation, optimize energy performance, and meet equity and climate goals. Our goal is to work with our clients to create actionable sustainable services that help our clients create a strong plan of action in cases regarding technology innovation, renewable energy options, and resiliency measures for our critical infrastructures, industries, and communities of all sizes.

Key Services

Engage and motivate stakeholders.

We inform and influence diverse audiences to develop, design, demonstrate, manufacture, integrate, purchase, install, maintain, or upgrade building energy technologies and systems to cut costs and emissions.

Execute strategic program objectives.

We coordinate research project and portfolio reviews, document successes, and conduct strategic planning and outreach to tackle emerging challenges (e.g., life-cycle emissions, workforce expansion, grid flexibility).

Support strategic partnerships.

We support national and international partnerships to prepare the needed work force and accelerate the adoption of advanced, integrated building systems.

Our Previous Projects and Work

Building Technologies Strategic Communications

We creatively leverage a broad spectrum of communications platforms to inform diverse audiences in the buildings sector to develop, manufacture, supply, select, install, maintain, or purchase technologies that support net-zero emission buildings. Outreach mechanisms include blogs, speeches, fact she...

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Technology R&D Program Peer Reviews

We provide technical support in planning, coordinating, and reporting on BTO’s annual project peer reviews. We manage the sessions, speakers, slides, real-time audience polling, and panels. We also summarize the project presentations, reviewer comments, and scoring in an attractive report. In 2019,...

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Kristian Kiuru, PMP
Program Manager
Building Technologies
Phone: +1 202.406.4137